5 struggles brunettes have

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my dark brown hair and I can’t imagine myself with any other hair color but being a brunette comes with a few struggles that our dear blonde friends aren’t experiencing. There’s definitely some upsides to having dark hair as well – You don’t have to worry about getting highlights, your eyelashes are always evident and the same is your eyebrows. In the end, there’s nothing like the sophistication of brunette locks, and yet, there are some struggles that only our dark-haired friends will truly understand.

Hair everywhere!

You leave small traces of hair everywhere you go… I know everyone shed hairs but when you have dark hair it shows on every surface. When I comb my hair, the bathroom floor is covered with dark hairs and I have somewhat long hair which makes it even worse because I leave behind hairs that are half a meter long. It’s not just on the floor that it’s noticeable, I find my long dark hairs on the dinner table, the couch, my computer and sometimes in my makeup. So for me having dark hair means vacuum cleaning more often and honestly I have my hair up in a bun a lot to prevent getting my hair on everything.

Dry shampoo issues

Dry shampoo is an amazing thing but what a disaster it was when I tried it the first time. I sprayed my hair with the shampoo but when I saw myself in the mirror my hair looked like a bad Cruella de Will wig. Don’t get me started on the whole baby-powder trend – just not made for brunettes!
Fortunately, there are so many different and better dry shampoos for darker hair now so you can avoid the gray look. Personally, I love the Maria Nila Dry Shampoo because it works great for my dark brown hair and it smells really good as well.

Pastel hair

Being a brunette means seeing so many amazing hair trends and not trying them – well you can but it’s quite a commitment. I love the pastel hair trend and I’ve thought about trying it more than once but it’s such a major commitment for me since it involves bleaching my hair first! And let’s not start the whole bleach-talk… All we end up with is damaged and dry hair.
Our dear blond-haired friend can easily try pastel colored hair – they can try those wash-out pastel colors and the pigment will show. If I try that, all I’ll end up with is weird looking “muddy” green hair (if the color is showing at all).

Gray hairs

I’m very fond of my long dark hair but there is also a disadvantage to this – and it’s all the gray hairs you know you’ll get. You can see gray hair super clearly against the rest of the dark hair – it almost looks like you have silver glitter on your head. If you have blond hair, you don’t really notice the gray hairs as much, it just blends in with the rest and personally, I think it can look like fresh highlights. We brunettes have the struggle of deciding whether to dye the hair or the let nature do its thing.

Dark roots

If you make the decision to dye your hair a lighter color it won’t take long before the evil dark roots appear – so when I say coloring your hair is a commitment, I mean it. Not only can you end up with 50 shades of blond/yellow after a bleach, you also end up spending a lot of money on maintaining your blond hair and avoid having visible brown roots.

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4 thoughts on “5 struggles brunettes have

  1. This list was spot on! It’s so sad that we can’t join in with all the great coloured hair trends atm I really would love to go pastel pink! You’re so right about dark hair being everywhere.. somehow it gets everywhere!


    1. Pastel pink is so beautiful and I would love to try that too… Dark hair is everywhere in my house and let’s not start talking about all the dark body hair as well!

    1. Wow thank you – I’ll definitely watch it and maybe have a go at pastel hair 😀

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