A little stationery haul

One of the things that keep me stress-free and calm is staying organized but sometimes life get’s in the way and I feels the need to get a little more organized. When this happens, I get an urge to buy new stationery and notebooks – anything that can help me keep my life as scheduled as possible. Buying stationery can be somewhat expensive but you can easily find a lot of useful notebooks, stickers, pencils and more on a budget. Whenever I need a new notebook or post-it notes I go to my local Søstrene Grene / Sisters Grene store – there I can find really cheap notebooks and whatever I might be needing to stay organized!

I recently bought two new A5 sized journals and these are definitely my favorite ones. The patterns are so beautiful, the watercolour paint and the soft colours are perfect for spring in my opinion – this is definitely another great thing about Søstrene Grene/Sisters Grene, they change the patterns and covers very often, therefore you can always find new ones when you visit the stores.

Another way for me to stay organized is keeping everything in categories – for this I use post-it notes and stickers. I bought some very cute ones just to keep things a bit more interesting that plain old post-it notes. Sometimes my notebooks can be filled with so many different things and to keep my notes categorized I use stickers – I write the keyword for the note such as “beauty”, “recipe” or even just “private” if it isn’t related to work or blogging.

Luxurious notebooks can be quite expensive so I was really thrilled when I found this beautiful almost suede textured notebook. Not only is the texture really nice, the colour is so gorgeous as well – the burgundy colour and the gold letters look so pretty together and I’m sure I’ll get some good use out of this notebook since it has quite a lot of pages.

All of the things in the pictures are from Søstrene Grene/Sisters Grene and the cost was approx €8.80 – so if you’re looking for new stationery things or some great notebook for school you should definitely take a look at this brand!

What’s your favourite brand when it comes to stationery? Let me know in the comments below!

Love Sofie x

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