Blogging goals for July

I think it’s important to set goals for yourself and in this case, for my blog. I’m still somewhat new to blogging and I always try to improve my content and social media accounts. I have a few things that I really want to focus on when it comes to blogging, so here are my 3 blogging goals for July:

Planning ahead

I want to start posting regularly (hopefully 3 times a week) and this included a lot of planning for me. Besides blogging and working at The Body Shop, finding time to write new blog posts and taking photos for these can be difficult, so my goal for July is to make a weekly plan and make time for writing and taking photos + editing these. I really want to get a good schedule and a good blogging rhythm where I’m not writing blog posts the day before I want them to publish – so the goal is to write a lot and then have a few weeks of posts ready.

Take better photos

My photo game hasn’t been the best, I’ll admit this – I really want to create better and more beautiful photos for my blog. I want to practice creating pretty flat lays and figuring out how to showcase products the best way. Learning how to lay things for photos means reading a lot of blogs (not gonna be a problem, already read a bunch) and finding inspiration from them, I see a lot of amazing photos that I can only dream of creating. I also want to learn more about taking great photos using an iPhone – I’ve seen a few articles about this and I’m planning on dedicating a day to discovering more of the many features my phone has.

Joining more Twitter Chats

Finding friends in the blogging community is definitely one of the best things about blogging and I really appreciate having someone to help and guide me through this blogging-jungle. Twitter chats really helps bloggers connect and find new blogs to read, I haven’t joined one for a while so I’ve decided to put a few chats in my calendar and hope that my calender-notification will help me remember the chats. I plan on joining the GRLPOWER chats every Tuesday 9pm, Thursday 8pm & Sunday 9pm.


Setting goals for yourself and in this case, my blog is a great way to stay motivated and focused. I really hope I’ll be able to improve and creating better content with higher quality and improve my engagement with the blogging community. Let me know what your goals are for July.

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