Flea Market in Aarhus – Kræmmermarked 2017

Whenever I get the chance I go to flea markets, garage sales and so on – I love finding vintage and retro items to make my home more personal. One of the markets that I’ve visited the last 4 years is the biggest flea market in Aarhus, Denmark and it’s called “Kræmmermarked”. Every year more than 200 traders will be filling their stalls with everything under the sun, and if you are looking for a blown glass bottle for that traditional Danish spiced aquavit, an old Tintin comic album, a delicious soft ice, a hot dog with the works, the Aarhus Marching and Concert Band, a traditional Amagerhylde triangular shelf, coloured balloons, popcorn, music and beer tents – this is where you find it!

If you’re interested in seeing a bit more of the selection then keep on reading:

This stall has everything vintage and retro and a lot of design classics – the brown chairs are the Arne Jacobsen series 7 and there was a lot of lamps from Verner Panton as well (can be seen on the table to the right and there’s one hanging from the ceiling as well). This is definitely the kind of stall that I’m drawn to since everything is vintage, the quality is really great and the prices were very reasonable as well.

Vases, candlesticks, and glass dishes are some of the things that I saw everywhere! I didn’t buy any this year but my mom bought 3 beautiful crystal dishes to serve snacks in.

One of my favorite things to buy is storage items – beautiful and old tins and cans are my preference and I think they can make any room a bit more personal and special. The ones that I buy is not old biscuit tins or any with a brand on them, I prefer some with patterns, flowers or old images. I came across a stall with a big selection of tins and even though most of them had a brand on them I do think many of them are really beautiful and could be great in a kitchen for pasta, rice or other things.

I personally do not buy new things at these kinds of markets because I’d rather spend more time trying to find something old, vintage and unique. So when I came across this stall and saw a lot of old classic kitchen items I had to have a look. Some of the bowls and cups can be bought from new in stores now – but finding the items in the old school ’70 colours like mustard yellow and dark brown is so great.

I did buy a few things and there will be a separate post about them later this week – so keep an eye out for that.
I really enjoyed this year’s “Kræmmermarked” and I can’t wait to go back next year!

Sofie xx

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