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A fresh and simple make-up look is all I need for spring and summer – but to be honest I can easily spend 15 minutes just blending out my eyeshadow and even longer fixing my brows. However, like most people, I really enjoy my beauty sleep and that’s why I’ve collected a few quick and easy products for my go-to make-up routine!


I do not use any foundation and I never have – mainly because I don’t find it necessary and I personally loooove my freckles and would hate to cover these up. Instead of foundation, BB cream or powder, I spend a lot of time moisturizing my skin and keep the skin hydrated. The Grown Alchemist hydra-repair day-cream (€35.00) is great for this! I mentioned this day cream in my previous post and the reason why I swear by this product is mainly because it does not leave my skin greasy or oily.
Another product that helps me feel fresh and hydrated is a face mist from Karmameju (€26.00). The great thing about this face mist is the many different ways for you to use it! It’s a multitasking beauty aid for the face, body and hair, you can keep one on your desk to revive and relax, use after exercise, refresh makeup and restyle hair, as well as after cleansing and for added hydration night and day – I mostly use this as a setting spray after using bronzer and highlight.


One of my tips for a quick makeup is using an eyeliner for a classic winged eyeliner – though I must say I’ve had some practice and therefore it only takes me a few minutes to achieve this look. But if you’re new to drawing on a winged eyeliner I would start with buying the Kat von D Tattoo Liner (approx €19.00). I use the eyeliner in the colour Trooper and this is a true-black eyeliner – there’s also a brown version if you find the black being a bit intimidating to start of with.
Getting long, big and slightly clumpy lashes is my absolute favorite part of my makeup routine and I’ve tried so many mascaras but I always seem to return to my absolute favorite one, the Better than Sex mascara by Too Faced (€22.40) – the best thing is that you can apply 1 layer and it looks amazing but it’s also super buildable so you can get full lashes very easily. If I have a little extra time while doing my makeup I like priming my eyelashes using my sample-sized They’re Real Tinted Primer by Benefit (approx €14.20 in full size) – this primer is also a great no-makeup mascara since it darkens your lashes but does not add very much volume like a normal mascara does.


Honestly, I could probably write 10 posts about my brows since I looooove brows – we’re talking like obsessed with brows. Therefore I spend a lot of time taking care of mine and this involves tweezing them and for this, I use my favorite tweezer from Kenny Anker Brows (approx €26.20) – this tweezer is super sharp and it’s so precise.
I have a lot of gaps in my brows and I fill them in using my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade (€20.00) in the colour Chocolate – even though this controls my brows pretty good, I like using a brow-mascara just to make sure that my eyebrows last all day long. Essence makes a really good gel mascara for your brows, it’s called the Make me brow eyebrow gel mascara  (approx €2.80) and its sooo cheap but super effective!!!

FACE (concealer):

It’s all about looking natural and fresh so I tend to go a bit easy with the concealer – for my eyelids and around my eyebrows I go for the Sephora High Coverage Concealer (€16.40) in the colour 06. Light Beige. Under my eyes I use the Fit Me Concealer by Maybeline (approx €8.00) in the colour/number 15 – this has an orange undertone and it’s really good for covering dark undereye circles. I don’t set my undereye concealer but I do set the concealer on my eyelids and around my eyebrows – this is done by using the Be Smooth Face Powder by Teeez (€22.50) in the shade 301 Feather Light – for blending I use a mini beauty blender.

FACE (contour and highlight):

I love a subtle contour and I prefer using a cool toned grey/brown-ish colour which the Sephora Contouring 101 Face Palette (€14.15) has 2 shades of – and this is actually all the colour that I use on my cheeks if I’m going for a natural and quick look (for me that means so bronzer), I find blushers sooooo intimidating and haven’t really tried incorporating this into my daily makeup routine – maybe someday you’ll find me with a pop of colour on my cheeks?
But but but I am a massive fan of highlighters and I personally love a strong highlight but for everyday wear I lean towards a subtle glow rather than a blinding pop of light – my go-to natural glow is the Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in the colour Perfect Topping – this is a product from 2014 and it’s discontinued 🙁 But the Mineralize Skinfinish in the colour Soft & Gentle (€31.00) is similar, though the Perfect Topping is more of a golden bronze rather than a peachy bronze.

What’s your must-have product for a fresh and natural makeup look?

Love, Sofie x

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