Lunch at Cafe Alrø

My June began with celebrating my sisters 22nd birthday and my mom and I had planned a surprise lunch-trip for her. About half a year ago we saw a tv show where a couple visited a café that serves massive “tarteletter” – this is a traditional Danish dish made and the tartelet shell is made from a delicate, flaky and buttery pastry. The filling can vary depending on what you prefer, I personally love when it’s made with chicken/turkey and asparagus but it can also be made with ham or with shrimps/seafood. My mom and I tracked down this cafe called Café Alrø (website is only in Danish) and booked a table – so for the last six months we have been teasing my sister and giving her small hints but she did not figure it out.

The café is located on a small island in Horsens Fjord and the island is only 7 km long and 5 km wide – and only around 150 people live there all year round. My mom and I had not thought about that fact that it’s an island and therefore there might be a ferry – but luckily for us, the island is connected to the northern coast of the fjord with a 1 km long dam. We already knew what to order since we had to get the massive “tarteletter” and I must say it was quite a big meal to get through! Normally one tartelet is 1/5 of the ones we ate.

The café is super cozy and decorated really fun, there’s a seating place called the “Royal Lodge” where there was caricature drawing of the Danish royal family and around the lodge was these funny denim jeans filled with flowers. The art in the courtyard was so weird and funny – there was a sheep made of telephones and telephone wires and there was a chair made of teddies. Besides the funny art pieces, there was a “krolf”-court and I had no idea about what “krolf” was but it’s actually really fun to play. Krolf is a mix between golf and croquet and there are 12 different holes and you play with the tools from croquet – it’s a lot like mini golf but with fewer obstacles and a bigger and heavier ball. My mother’s boyfriend won, my sister came second, my mother came third and I lost big time.

If you’re want to try out a traditional Danish dish I can definitely recommend visiting Café Alrø – it’s super cozy and there is a lot of things to look at and explore. The food tasted really good and you get a lot of food considering what you end up paying for it. I’m sure we’ll come back and eat another tartelet and play krolf again.

Sofie xx

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