My summer essential products

It’s finally summer and the weather is starting to get better and sunnier, for me this means wearing cute off-shoulder tops and dresses and rocking colorful shoes. I’m so bad at dealing with the heat and therefore winter is definitely my favorite season – but I do have a few summer essential products that help me get through these months.

Keeping my skin looking healthy and smooth

When it’s hot outside I do not want to wear too much make-up (or any if can avoid it), therefore it’s important to keep my skin looking good and my favorite way to keep my skin clear and healthy is by using a good exfoliating face mask. My favorite one at the moment is the Chinese Ginseng and Rice Clarifying Polishing Mask. It’s a creamy exfoliating face mask that leaves my skin looking revitalized, glowy and smoother. I use this face mask a few times a week and it’s definitely become an important step in my skincare routine. Another mask that’s great and really affordable is the Anatomicals Mattifying Face Mask – I bought a few different ones from this brand but this one is the one that I prefer to use. You can actually see that the skin looks more matte after using it – though I love glowy skin, I do find that my skin can look really oily and greasy during the summer.

Using as few products as possible

Whenever I wear a lot of makeup I feel like my face is trapped and no air reaches my skin. So when it’s this warm outside I try to use as few products as I can and go for easy makeup looks. The only liquid products that I use on my face is a moisturizer and then a tiny bit of concealer – I never use BB/CC-creams or foundations because I have a hard time finding liquid products that I like. I gave myself a little challenge to find a liquid product that I like –  I’ve been trying out a few different liquid bronzers and I’ve found one that I love! It’s another product from The Body Shop that I’ve been using and it is the Honey Bronze Face Gel. It gives my skin a natural sun-kissed look and it is not sticky or streaky which I’ve found that other gel-bronzers have been. If I am going to wear a full face of makeup I do love pairing this bronzer with the shimmer-bronze colors from the BH Cosmetics Shaanxo Palette and a nice baby-pink gloss like this one from Look Lips in the shade L201. So even when I want to put more makeup on I try to choose products that can last this heat and that feels light on my face.

I hope you’ve found a few products to try – let me know if you have any skin/makeup products that you just can live without! xx

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