Online shopping on a budget

Shopping online can be difficult when you want to buy a lot but spend little. I know I’m not the only one who ends up with 20 items in the shopping bag and not buying any because I do not have a budget for that.
I prefer shopping online because of a few reasons – 1. I can avoid going to malls and being pushed around by other people  2. it’s a great way to try different brands and there’s often a wider selection of items and brands. And lastly – 3. it’s like receiving a gift from me to me when the package arrives and who doesn’t like that? So I spend a lot of time browsing a ton of different online shops and have found a few that are budget-friendly and makes clothes/bags/accessories of great quality.


This is my all time favorite shop – there’s not a ZARA store where I live so online is the only place for me to buy their stuff. You can find a lot of cheap basic items like jeans, t-shirts, and shoes but also very special and different items that look like it’s been ripped off the runway. I really like the layout of the online shop and the wide screen photos of the products/models – you can really see all of the details. ZARA makes premium clothes, bags and shoes as well so if you’re in the mood (and have the money for it) you can spend a bit more and spoil yourself.

Pull and bear

This is like ZARA’s little sister and I might not have bought that much from this brand but I still check it very often. The prices are super and affordable. The page has the same widescreen layout like ZARA which is super easy to scroll through and find whatever you’re looking for. I love their designs and the fact that they stay true to the current trends but makes the clothing items very comfortable and affordable.


I absolutely love Boohoo, they have budget friendly prices and very trendy clothes – and there’s almost always a discount code where you either save money on the items you’re buying or get free shipping (best thing to save money on). Boohoo has a wide selection of clothes, shoes, and accessories for both woman, males and children and the quality is top notch considering how inexpensive their products are. The website is easy to navigate through but I find that it can be problematic to use your phone to shop on their website, it often crashes for me.


This is a great place to buy items online, there’s a wide selection of brands and I especially love buying clothes and shoes from Dorothy Perkins, Anna Field, and New Look. You always get free shipping and returns which mean I often buy 5 pairs of shoes or jeans and keep those who fit and return those who don’t. Zalando offers items that are budget friendly but also high-end brands like Michael Kors, Tiger of Sweden, and Versace.


Let me know what your favorite online shop is! xx

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